Giuliani: Obama’s Horrible Ignorance Hurts Muslims

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Barack Obama’s “horribly ignorant” refusal to identify the radical violent wing of Islam is actually hurting regular Muslims.

While discussing the administration’s inability to label ISIS as racial Islam, Giuliani said, “In fighting for the minds and hearts of the people, it hurts a lot. Because it doesn’t set up the fact that the the religion has an interpretation that is incorrect, that is horrible, that is brutal, that needs to be changed. It doesn’t challenge that. Islam needs to be challenged to change internally,  like the Protestant Reformation, like the various forms of Judaism, Reform, Conservative Orthodox.  The Islamic religion needs that challenge. And the people who are reform Islamists need that support. And they are not getting it from him . By him not referring to it, he thinks he’s somehow being euphemistic about Islam and not hurting people. He is actually hurting them a lot more. People who are against it. Islamists who are against it. It makes them feel like we are all the same. It’s a horribly ignorant thing to do.”

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