Matthews: US Being ‘Morally Humiliated’ in ISIS Fight

During his “Let Me Finish” segment on his Monday show, MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews offered some scathing criticisms of President Barack Obama’s handling of the spread of ISIS throughout the Middle East.

Transcript as follows:

Let me finish tonight with the news.

Like many of you I live in conflict over this horror for the Mideast. These 21 beheadings of Coptic Christians is an ancient horror carried out before our eyes, purposely so. Why else is the indecency so carefully videotaped, so well-produced, to hit every screen in our state of the art position.

They’re using people other there, the death of people, to demonstrate their devotion, their ruthlessness, their power. They’re killing people in the most disrespectful way so they can be seen doing it by the people they want to recruit, by the people they want to kill. They want to stir up recruit by showing their willingness to go all of the way, to stir anger as well by doing what the hell they decide to do to the people they are committed to destroying, other religions, other countries, other Muslims.

And what can we do? Can we do nothing? Can we just look at the pictures, ask what’s for supper? What`s on TV tonight? What`s the weather like tomorrow morning and go on with our lives, warding off the knowledge that these people are being killed in demonstration against us?

How about this? Can we content ourselves by doing something which we know right now will not be enough to stop this horror? I know. We all know we need a plan, we need a root that takes us to destroying ISIS, because the alternative is too sick, too un-American, too inhuman.

We can’t see people killed like this in our face and simply flip to the supports page, or the financial news, what’s at the movies, or who’s going to win the Oscars, and act like America, our country, is not being morally humiliated, because it is. And with the lives of at least some of these people who must in their last minutes have to be wondering if there`s the chance the people of the United States could be coming to their rescue, because that`s how we were taught that we conduct ourselves. We don’t leave people behind.

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