Report: One Of ‘Bloodiest’ Episodes of Ukraine War Happening During Ceasefire

CNN International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh reported from Donetsk, Ukraine that “one of the bloodiest episodes in the Ukrainian War” was “playing out under an alleged ceasefire” on Tuesday’s “Wolf.”

“There is significant shelling on the road to Debaltseve, and now we’ve been there ourselves. That seems a gas pipeline to the left of that particular road exploding into flame. The point being, that of course, heavy weapons are being used to the north of that town. It is encircled by the separatists. There are, frankly, stories about how the fight is continuing inside that town. I say a fight. We’re supposed to be in a ceasefire, even the inspectors monitoring this say, ‘look, it’s a cease-fire with the exception of Debaltseve,’ well, frankly if the major contingent of Ukrainian troops, hundreds, if not thousands encircling Debaltseve are coming under that kind of fire,then  you have to doubt whether this really is a truce. We are hearing the Ukrainian side of the story in the last few minutes or so, they accept they have lost part of control of Debaltseve, they accept some of their troops have been captured, they say they’ve been under sustained [rocket] fire…in Debaltseve during much of the day, and I’m afraid a lot of that information echoes what the separatists have been saying for much of the day” he stated.

Walsh added, “this is perhaps one of the bloodiest episodes in the Ukrainian War so far militarily, and it’s playing out under an alleged ceasefire that nobody’s really called yet.”

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