Sheriff Joe: Exec Amnesty ‘Will Go to the Supreme Court’

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R) predicted that President Obama’s executive action on immigration would ultimately go to the Supreme Court on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Arpaio said that a recent ruling suspending the action was “important for us. You know, my attorney, Neil, Larry Klayman, right after the president came out with his order, we went to court, and on December 22 the judge kicked it out. But our attorney is appealing it before the Circuit Court. Now you have Texas, that judge placing a temporary injunction. So, I would bet that this case — this situation will go to the Supreme Court.” He further applauded the ruling against the president as “a step forward.”

Arpaio then discussed the problems he has had dealing with illegal immigration, stating “we had 5,000 [illegal immigrants] last year, we turned over to ICE from the jails I run, 36% have come back. In fact, two weeks ago, an illegal alien shot and killed a convenience store clerk just trying to make some money, and by the way, he was turned over to ICE two years ago. So here he is roaming the streets, you’ve got 36%, charged with many serious crimes, in the last year, roaming the streets. So, I don’t see much change. Right now they’ve been doing it. So, let’s see how the courts come out on this situation.” He added, that some criminals who were in the country had returned to the county’s jails “20, 30 times.” And “they should be deported. if they are deported we have a big problem at the border if they keep hopping that fence they keep coming back here.”

He concluded that the problem with illegal immigration was one he hoped Congress would solve, because “it’s an internal problem. not just at the border. But let Congress decide whether to get more visas, or work permits, whatever, to get the problem resolved. Now, I’d like to see Congress bring the local law enforcement back in to the fight. You know, they took that authority away from me. So we can help the feds arresting people that are in this country illegally, if they violate the law.”

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