Gutfeld: Media ‘Fanboys’ Keep Obama From Having Major Scandal

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that David Axelrod’s belief that the Obama administration had “a major scandal” was one cultivated by media “fanboys” and “suck-ups” on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld began by stating that Axelrod was only correct “if you adhere to some absurd high standard, it’s true. It turns out Joe Biden is not a crayon-eating space ghost, and Obama hasn’t been devouring expensive show dogs as midnight snacks. And no, John Kerry is not really a highly evolved tree. Some were wondering.”

He continued, “Axelrod’s logic only works if you ignore slight matters like the IRS targeting civilians over their beliefs and covering it up, blaming terror on a video that no one saw, millions losing healthcare after being told they would keep it, the Bowe Bergdahl freak show, the tragic, forgotten VA deaths, the EPA’s collusion with the green lobby, the Solyndra sinkhole. So, yeah no major scandals at all, the EPA, DOJ, NSA, HHS, VA, IRS, ATF. If these aren’t scandals, they’re one hell of an eye chart. The real scandal is this two-headed beast. One of ideology and one of accomplice. A mix of toxic ideologies immunized by fanboys in the media. If a progressive breaks the law in a forest full of media suck-ups, did it really happen? The scandal isn’t Obama’s actions, but those whose job was to report them. Instead they knitted their own blindfolds, to them each scandal was progress. So, sorry Dave, saying no major scandal is like saying no major pregnancies, especially when the media is your own personal Planned Parenthood.”

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