Kerry: Media Having ‘Silly Debate’ on How to Fight ISIS

Thursday at the White House summit to address combating violent extremism, Secretary of State John Kerry said the debate going on in America media over how to fight ISIS is “silly.”

Kerry said, “There’s been a silly debate in the media in the last days about sort of what you have to do. You have to do everything. You have to take the people off the battlefield who are there today. But you’re kind of stupid if all you do is do that ask you don’t prevent more people from going to the battlefield. So we have a broad challenge here. And mostly it is to talk about facts and realities and to take those realities and put them into a real strategy that we all implement together. No one country, no one army, no one group is going to be able to respond to this adequately. And we see that in the numbers of countries that are now being touched by it.”

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