FNC’s Richard Grenell Claims He Was ‘Uninvited’ to Speak at CPAC

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye,” in discussing the Log Cabin Republicans’ claims  they are being banned from formally participating at CPAC  for the third year, former Romney campaign adviser and U.S. spokesman at the United Nations Richard Grenell said the organizers of the  2015 Conservative Political Action Conference “uninvited” him to speak on a panel.

When host Greg Gutfeld asked Grenell, an openly gay Republican, if he had  been invited Grenell answered, “I’ve been before,” but he added, “I was invited to speak on a panel and now I am not going.”

Gutfeld asked,  “Your choice or their choice?,” to which Grenell replied, “I would have spoken.”

“They uninvited you. A little news break there,” Gutfeld said as he “agreed completely,” that it was “dumb,” and “so behind the times.” according to the panel.

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