Coulter: Dems Complaining About Giuliani ‘Sure Call Us Racist A Lot’

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican” Ann Coulter said that Democrats were engaging in a double standard by criticizing Rudy Giuliani while calling Republicans racist on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

“Everyone keeps saying ‘oh how you can see into his heart? you can’t say this.’ Gosh, they sure call us racist a lot. Can they see into our hearts? And that’s based on, what? Because Republicans want to cut taxes? Whereas the fact that Democrats, generally do not love their country. I would base [that] on things like Obama expressly rejecting American Exceptionism. His Attorney General, Eric Holder saying we’re a nation of cowards and constantly finding racists under every bed, investigating this police department and that police department for racism. I mean, to defend yourself by saying ‘well, you can’t see into someone’s heart.’ No, I think if you go around constantly bashing Joe, ‘Joe is a racist,’ ‘Joe is greedy,’ ‘Joe wants to keep his own money,’ ‘Joe won’t help me.’ I think I can conclude you don’t like Joe” she stated.

She further backed the argument of by pointing to a DHS report citing the threat of right-wing extremism, saying “they instantly go to blaming America. That’s what they did with Benghazi ‘oh it wasn’t the Muslims, it was this poor hick American in California,’ blame an American…this is a long standing trend with Democrats. Remember Janet Reno’s big thing was going after peaceful abortion clinic protesters, that’s their big thing.”

Coulter also commented on ISIS, saying “I don’t think you really need to say ‘Islamic terrorism.’ Because I — you say ‘terrorism.’ Are you thinking it’s Methodist? No you are not.  ‘Terrorism’ means ‘Islamic terrorism.'” And “I don’t think we are vulnerable to ISIS. I can protect any American from ISIS right now, don’t go to Syria. Problem solved.” She further argued “what’s the point? Even if you have a fantastic military victory, a Democrat president will come in and give it away.”

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