Report: Gruber Billed Vermont for ‘Impossible’ Hours

Lawyer and Vermont Republican Party Vice Chair Brady Toensing reported that Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber billed the State of Vermont for hours that “were impossible for him to accomplish” on Monday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

“What we have is, we have Gruber submitting invoices to the State of Vermont under a contract, where he was supposed to detail hourly billing, for himself, and research assistants, and he submitted summary bills without any detail at hours that the auditor found were impossible for him to accomplish” Toensing stated.

He explained, “for one of the invoices, which is September, and this is just an example, he billed out 500 hours a month for his research assistants. Well, the auditor found that he only had one research assistant. So, if you do that math, you find out that they had to have worked 125 hours a week. That one research assistant, and that narrows — that works out to 18 hours a day every day for a month, or if you just worked a five day week, that would be 25 hours a day.”

He continued, “the auditor even criticized the Democrat administration up here for this. The people who were supposed to be overseeing this contract did not demand any details at all from Professor Gruber. They just said — they just asked for these summary bills and then they paid them without question.”

Toensing concluded, “federal money was involved. So, this is potentially a federal crime, and the US Attorney should be getting involved in this. And I just can’t believe they haven’t already.”

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