Jindal: Obama Says He Won’t Revisit Obamacare If He Loses Court Case

Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) said that during a recent meeting with President Obama “We got to hear the president tell us that even if the Supreme Court rules against him [on] Obamacare, he’s not interested in revisiting the issue” on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Jindal, who met with the president along with other governors, said “he’s not interested in back away from amnesty. We got to hear the president tell us that even if the Supreme Court rules against him [on] Obamacare, he’s not interested in revisiting the issue.”

Jindal also criticized the president’s rhetoric on radical Islam, stating “he refuses to identify one of the main military threats we face by name: radical Islamic fundamentalism…Eric Holder says we are not in a state of war. You’ve got the State Department saying we’re not going to kill our way to victory. At a time when these barbarians, they’re beheading Christians, they’re torturing, [persecuting] Christians, Muslims, Jews, other religious minorities, they killed over 100 schoolchildren, they’re actually killing editorialists because they don’t like their cartoons. And then, secondly, you look — this president he seems more intent on telling us, warning us about the Crusades, [and] criticizing America…we don’t need a president who’s trying to appease the left trying to be politically correct. He won’t even name the enemy we face and now he’s refusing to give our military the tools, all the tools they need to go and win this war.” And “the president continues to say we’re not at war with Islam. Well, that’s obvious, and that’s obviously true, but we are at war with radical Islam, and he needs to say it. You hear other foreign leaders say it, you hear the President of Egypt and the [President] of France…this political correctness is just — it’s not helping anything, it’s hurting our ability to actually go and win this fight.”

Jindal further took aim at the president’s Iran policy, arguing that “he’s willing to take a bad deal over no deal. In part, I think that is preventing him from committing to truly overthrowing Assad, that is currently the policy. He said he’s committed to overthrowing Assad, but he hasn’t shown that, and you go back to that failed red line in Syria. And I think our allies therefore, are more tentative, like Turkey, in terms of going on the ground, I think we need to be providing arms to the Kurds. You’ve already got the Jordanians, and the Egyptians, and others bombing, and participating in these attacks because of the horrific attacks on their own citizens. So, we’ve got allies that want to do more. Bill, this is one of the few times I think Congress needs to give the president more than he’s asked for. I almost never say that, I think they need to give him the ability to go win this war. he hasn’t asked for enough.” And “we cannot afford a nuclear-armed Iran. That’s an existential threat to, not only Israel and our European allies, but America as well, Bill. That is an awful legacy for this president to leave the next president.”

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