Levin: Dems Have Very Selective Concerns About Security

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments” Mark Levin accused Democrats of selective concern about homeland security on Tuesday.

Levin contested claims by Democrats that attempting to tie funding for the president’s executive action to DHS funding would endanger national security, stating “this is fascinating, so the left…stands for national security, the left wants to make sure our airports are safe, our borders secure, Secret Service is functioning. The same left that attacks cops, the same left that attacks the military, trying to drain their healthcare insurance, trying to usurp them. Now the left cares about national security.”

Levin particularly criticized Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for comments he made suggesting that he would not support a bill tying DHS funding to defunding the president’s executive action on immigration because of concerns over homeland security. Levin said “this bill [the House bill tying DHS funding to funding for the executive action] would fund the TSA, and Secret Service, and Border Patrol, and everything else. It just doesn’t fund unconstitutional acts by this president…this has nothing with national security…these entities within Homeland Security will continue to function fully.”

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