Priebus: Media Ask About Patriotism, Ignore Dem Scandals

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sharply criticized the media for asking Republican candidates about the patriotism and Christianity of other politicians while ignoring Democratic scandals on Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Preibus said that he was happy to have Hewitt moderating a debate so that “when someone wants to ask a half an hour’s worth of questions about birth control when there’s far many other things to talk about in an hour and a half, you know, someone’s going to be able to say hey, what are we doing here?”

He further criticized the lack of questioning regarding President Obama‘s and Hillary Clinton‘s gender gap in how they pay their staffers as a “double standard that takes place in the media. And you know, when Anita Dunn writes a book about what it’s like to be a woman and work in the White House, you hardly get any coverage about it. When President Obama in his state of the Union address once again starts talking about equal pay, which by the way, I agree with, but he himself doesn’t pay women the same amount that he pays men in the White House, you know, instead of asking our people about who’s a patriot, who’s a Christian, they ought to start talking about whether or not these people are lying about rather important issues that they themselves can’t live up to their own standards.”

Priebus continued, “I mean, the last few days, if you read some of the allegations out there about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her flip-flopping on marijuana laws, and willing to change her vote and talking obviously about the fact that she was preparing to allege that the President and others were anti-woman and anti-Semitic if they wanted to get rid of her as chairwoman of the DNC. You know, where are the Democrats on TV being asked do you agree with this? I mean, do you support what Debbie Wasserman Schultz is doing? Or the opposite, maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz is right. Do you support the President and his quest to get rid of a female chairwoman of the DNC? You never hear the questions like that played on the other side. And even people like Mark Halperin and today, Chris Cillizza came out with an article saying the RNC has a point. And if anything, this little circus last weekend, where this Beltway media is actually tweeting to each other, and if you follow this, and I hope you don’t, but if you follow a lot of these Beltway journalists, they talk to each other all day and all night long about these types of debates. And it’s always the same thing. And so look, this idea that a third party is going to be able to tell what another party has in their heart is not just a ridiculous sort of exercise, but is a total waste of time. And it is completely irrelevant to the truth.”

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