Whoopi Goldberg Defends Hillary on Equal Pay Controversy

On Tuesday, ABC’s “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg defended Hillary Clinton regarding reports that she paid female staffers less than male staffers during her time in the Senate.

After Goldberg read the report, panelist Stacy London said “that’s damaging,” while Rosie Perez remarked “we don’t know the exact details, but I have to be honest, that I — you know, I love Hillary, and I was shocked. I was shocked. I was like, ‘oh, no, this doesn’t look good. This does not look good.'”

Goldberg argued “well, unless you know what the jobs were, were the guys — were the men who got paid more, were they in jobs where they earned — i mean, it’s hard…is anybody telling us who got paid what for what?””

Nicole Wallace later pointed out that the Clinton controversy was proof that “the problem with the argument that Democrats and liberals make about equal pay is it’s impossible to know if the women have the same job or the same job experience as the men. Maybe they made 72 cents to the dollar because they didn’t have the same title. Maybe one was the press secretary and the other was the deputy,” a point Goldberg appeared to agree with

Perez argued back “they just recently did a study, because that argument was brought up, ‘how can you tell?’ And what they did was that they got college grads coming out of the gates, so it’s equal playing field, and they found out that the women, the females, got less pay for the same jobs than the men did.”

The discussion then turned to whether men were more likely to take a harder line in negotiations and ask for promotions and raises than women, which Wallace said was an explanation for any wage gaps that exist after other factors are accounted for.

(h/t RNC)

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