Gutfeld: Jordan’s Abdullah Doesn’t Have US’ ‘Ocean Privilege’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld praised Jordan’s King Abdullah for his ISIS rhetoric and contrasted it with the US’ “ocean privilege” on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld reacted to a clip of Abdullah dubbing the fight against ISIS “a third World War,” saying “So, the king correctly identified the fight, it’s within Islam. It’s not Bibi, bigotry, or Boehner, it’s barbarians, Barack. This must be heard, because the world needs a Muslim voice to echo the sober and somber facts. The king may finally be be the canary among the caliphate. The alarm that tolls a true warning, it’s refreshing as our own leader seems more preoccupied with past sins than our present realities.”

Gutfeld continued, “the World Wars, won by American vets who are in their 80s and 90s, have allowed men much younger and less courageous to smear our republic, undermining traditions that worked and allies that actually mattered. Our ocean privilege coupled with a society immersed in a leisure-driven coma makes our defending our exceptionalism against evil so old. It’s something your grand pop enjoyed like Werther Originals. This lucky complacency found in our media, our government, and our campus has blossomed into a potent disdain for America’s good. Jordan, however, doesn’t have the luxury of hating themselves, they have plenty of enemies around to do that for them. So do we, we haven’t admitted it yet. It’s time we do.”

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