Levin: Media Piles on House While Obama Ponders Unilateral Tax Hike

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin criticized the media for focusing on the House of Representatives in the DHS funding battle instead of President Obama considering unilateral tax increases on Monday.

Levin said that the White House’s justification was “his violations of law, his violations of the Constitution, are for the middle class. Like somehow, he, and only he represents the middle class and the rest of the government’s irrelevant…just say ‘middle class’ and do whatever you want.”

Levin added, “nobody blinks, it’s all about the House of Representatives, how they’re holding up funding for a department that cannot close, how they’re holing up funding for a department where over 80% of its employees are essential and have to go to work. That’s the focus.”

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