McCain: Iran Deal Will Make Other ME Countries Go Nuclear

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) predicted that “every country in the region is going to go nuclear if we sign this deal” with Iran on Monday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

“Every country in the region is going to go nuclear if we sign this deal [with Iran]…I have heard from Middle Eastern leaders direct that they will go nuclear, and you will see a nuclearization of the entire region. And why not? And by the way the Saudis have got a lot of money. It wouldn’t take much to purchase a couple of them from Pakistan” he stated.

McCain continued, “the foreign minister of one of the Middle Eastern countries told me and some other senators in Munich, he said ‘we are beginning to believe it is far better to be an enemy of the United States than a friend.’ that’s what it’s — that’s what it’s becoming.”

He added that the president and his advisers are upset over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress because “Bibi will make a compelling argument against the outlines of this agreement, and that’s why they’re — why they’re acting in such a hysterical fashion. The president and national security advisers saying this is rupturing the fabric of our relationship or something like that. This is — this is really the worst situation by far that any of us have seen as far as US-Israel relations. The only democratically-elected — free and democratic nation in the entire Middle East, and it’s very serious, and it’s very unfortunate.”

McCain further declared, “they [the Obama administration] have a delusion…they have this delusion as they make this nuclear deal with Iran, there’s a brand new relationship with Iran. Iran and we are partners for peace throughout the Middle East.”

McCain concluded by taking a swipe at the president over Russia, saying “‘tell Vladmir that when I’m re-elected that I’ll be more flexible.’ Remember that? The reset button, and now they’re killing off one of the great, really, leaders for democracy in Russia.”

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