Susan Rice: We Have Israel’s Back, Come Hell or High Water

Monday at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), National Security Advisor Susan Rice discussed the fight against anti-semitism and the United State’s unwavering commitment to be an ally in that fight.

Rice said, “The United States will never, ever waiver in the defense of our security and the security of our allies and partners, including Israel. The bottom line is simple, we have Israel’s back, come hell or high water. And I’ve been with you right there through some pretty high waters.”

“I was proud to fight again and again for Israel’s security and its basic legitimacy at the United Nations. From leading the charge against the deeply flawed Goldstone report, to casting this administration’s only veto in the Security Council to block a counterproductive resolution. As Ambassador Power described to you this morning, when it comes to combating the shameful bias against Israel at the United Nations, Israel has no better friend than the United States. Last March, we were the sole no vote in the Human Rights Council against anti-Israel measures five separate times. Earlier today, Secretary Kerry went into the belly of the beast and told the Human Rights Council in Geneva point blank that its obsession with Israel risks undermining the credibility of the entire organization. And last month, with Israel and the European Union, the United States organized the first United Nations General Assembly meeting to combat anti-Semitism.”

Inbringing up the American civil rights struggle, Rice said, “This weekend, President Obama will travel to Selma, AL to mark the 50th anniversary of the historic marches. There, he’ll pay tribute to those brave souls who took enormous risks for civil rights, including Jews and rabbis from across this country, from St. Louis to San Francisco, and the northeast and the deep South, they faced tear gas and billy clubs with Torahs in hand.”

She concluded, “The Jewish community amplified the rightness and the urgency of the civil rights movement with its own unassailable moral compass, guided by the basic principle that people should be free in their own land. And i stand before you knowing that I and many others would not be here today without all of those who fought for equal rights. African-Americans and white Americans including so many Jewish Americans as we mark that Selma anniversary, as we gather here to celebrate an improbable dream that grew into the great state of Israel. We remember what we can accomplish together when we’re at our best. In a spirit of brotherhood we have overcome so many trials to reach where we are. As nations, as peoples. In a spirit of brotherhood inspired by all those who marched and struggled and sacrificed before us, let us continue the work. Let us never succumb to hopelessness or cynicism, to division or despair. Let our legs utter songs. And let our hands reach out together.’

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