Watch: Jon Stewart Kicks WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins in Groin

Last week, pro wrestler Seth Rollins trash-talked “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, saying his show was “unwatchable,” and bragged he could be a much better host of “Daily Show” than Stewart.

Stewart then responded to Rollins with a video saying, “This is the biggest mistake you ever made. I’m coming for you, Rollins.”

In response, Rollins made an appearance on the “Daily Show,” challenging Stewart to appear on Monday’s “WWE Raw” on the USA Network.

During Monday’s “WWE Raw,” Rollins sat at a desk in the wrestling ring acting as the new host of “The Daily Show.” Then Stewart showed up to trash-talk Rollins some more.

This went on for some time before Rollins grabbed him. Rollins later became distracted, and that is when Stewart decided to kick him in the groin.

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