Rubio: Obama Wants Iran to Be Second Term’s Obamacare

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared that President Obama wants the Iran deal to be “the cornerstone of his legacy” for the president’s second term  like Obamacare was for his first term on Tuesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“They want the Iran deal to be for the second term what Obamacare was to the first, and that is the cornerstone of his legacy, and what this president wants to be able to say is, he’s the one that did a peace deal with Iran. And if it falls apart in three or four years, that’s the next president’s fault” Rubio said. And “I think they’re thinking about that’ll be someone else’s problem in two to three years. In their mind, they’ve made up their mind, and that is that they have to move forward on this, no matter what. They’re now locked into it, and they’ve made that decision.” He further predicted that the Iran deal would lead to a “nuclear Middle East.”

Rubio argued that Iran should be sent the message that “you can either have an economy, or you can have a nuclear weapons program. But you can’t have both.”

He also said that President Obama’s consideration of tax increases via executive action “no matter how you feel about taxes or immigration or anything else, when you have a president writing law through executive order, and unconstitutional ways, it undermines the very foundation of the republic. And it goes much deeper than just how you feel about these issues.

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