McCain on Hillary Email: Serious, May Be A Violation of Law

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen/ John McCain (R-AZ) criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the evolving scandal over reports that while head of the State Department, Clinton exclusively emailed all official State Department emails using her private email account with private servers maintained at her residence.

McCain said, “It appears to many, and I’m not a legal expert on this, but it appears to many that it’s a violation of a law that was passed a few years ago. But more importantly, this is the same individual that just excoriated the Bush administration for hiding communications within the administration. The question I think that’s going to rise over time is, how can we be confident that once she carries out what she tweeted, that is that she wants all of the e-mails known, how are we going to know that? How are we going to have verification of that? So I think this is serious. And I’m willing to give her or anyone who defends her the benefit of defending it or explaining it, but on its face, it seems to be rather serious.”

McCain went on to explain his tendency to “get a little emotional” “from time to time,” is why he never uses email, laughing while saying “I’m afraid that if I was emailing, given my solid, always calm temperament, that I might email something I might regret. I would rather use the phone and rather use tweets. I just think that it’s something that, you could send out an email that you would regret later on and would maybe be taken out of context. And frankly, I don’t have any trouble communicating with my constituents without it.”

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