Gutfeld: Diversity Is Now ‘Loathed’ by the Left

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that “the diversity that lockstep leftists once loved is now loathed” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld, in response to the story of Rachel Beyda, a student who wanted to join the UCLA student council’s Judicial Board and was asked whether or not she could be unbiased because she’s Jewish and “very active in the Jewish community,” remarked “here’s a game. Let’s replace ‘Jewish’ with ‘gay’ and repeat the bigotry. ‘Given that you are a gay student and very active in the gay community how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?’ You can only imagine saying that, because you’d never say that. If you did, you’d be expelled, not from school, but from the galaxy, you’d have to relocate in Andromeda under an assumed name and face.”

Gutfeld continued, “suddenly the diversity that lockstep leftists once loved is now loathed, an example of how they reject dogma when it conflicts with their own bigotry. Different backgrounds before meant new perspectives. But a Jew? You’re background, that equals bias. You can blame rise of anti-Israel fervor generated by activist groups, professors, and outside agitators, the same who show up at anti-cop rallies as well.”

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