Kurtz: Hillary Won’t Be Able to Wait E-mail Story Out

Fox News Media Analyst Howard Kurtz predicted that Hillary Clinton’s reported strategy of waiting for the media to abandon the story on her e-mails wouldn’t work on Friday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“If Hillary thinks that stalling and stonewalling is going to make the media just yawn and move on, she is in serious denial. If she thinks the whole — her whole defense for the next month is going to be a single tweet, that reinforces the journalistic suspicion that she’s got something to hide. And there’s nothing, Megyn, that drives a story more than a whole pile of unanswered questions” he stated.

He added that “140 characters isn’t going to cut it here,” and then explained “Kurtz’s First Law of Media Thermodynamics,” “what keeps a scandal alive is not the details about how many e-mail addresses someone had, it’s when the press can connect it to a larger narrative about the person,” which he argued was the case with Clinton. And that dismissing the e-mail story as “some partisan media food fight” was inaccurate.

Kurtz concluded, “the Clintons, and particularly Hillary Clinton, have had testy relations with the press for a long time. It started in those years as First Lady, in the 2008 campaign she was seen as remote and inaccessible. So, while there are certainly journalists who are sympathetic to her ideologically, she’s a big fat target. She’s the whole story on the Democratic side right now, Hillary versus Hillary. And so, there’s not going to be a letup. This is not a story you can wave away in the age of Twitter with a few phone calls.”

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