Valerie Jarrett Declines to Defend Hillary

Friday on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers,” senior adviser to President Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, declined to defend former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for exclusively emailing all official State Department business using her private email account with private servers maintained at her residence.

Jarrett said, “I do know the president as a very firm policy that e-mail should be kept on government systems. He believes in transparency. I know the State Department is currently working with the national archives to make sure all of Secretary Clinton’s e-mails are captured.”

When asked if  Hillary broke the policy Jarrett said, “I defer totally to the State Department for that. We established the policy, but we leave it up to every single agency to determine how to adhere to that policy.”

“I do know we have training at the White House on a continuous basis to make sure our staff understand important of keeping it on the system so it is there,” she continued. “We believe in transparency and the public records, that they need to be captured. So we constantly are having training for our team so they know what is going on and we encourage other agencies to do the same.”

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