Clinton: Consider Whether Foreign Donations ‘Did More Good Than Harm’

Former President Bill Clinton argued that one has to consider whether the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation “did more good than harm” and that his theory is “disclose everything” in a speech before the Clinton Global Initiative on Saturday.

“You’ve got to decide, when you do this work whether it’ll do more good than harm if someone helps you from another country” he stated. And “my theory about all this is disclose everything, and then let people make their judgments. But I think there are more than 300,000 people, you should know this, who in some form or fashion have contributed money to the work we’ve done over the years, and I believe we’ve done a lot more good than harm.”

Clinton also offered measured praise of Saudi Arabia’s government, saying “do I agree with all the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia? No, but I think it’s pretty impressive that the recent king, who just died, built the first co-educational institution in Saudi Arabia, and that they have more women than men in colleges.”

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