Coulter: ‘Hillary’s Just Really Dumb’

Columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” Ann Coulter opined that Hillary Clinton is “just really dumb” on Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think Hillary’s just really dumb. They — we always thought Bill Clinton was the smart one. As you went through in your opening, I mean, the Whitewater files, the Vince Foster files, the cattle futures. This is the sort of thing [Clinton’s e-mail scandal] someone from a private sector who’s just been appointed to an ambassadorship might do” she stated. And “she had been First Lady, she was Secretary of State, we know she’s planning on running for president and it doesn’t occur to her that this is going to look bad.”

Coulter continued, “Bill Clinton never would have done this,” continuing “it’s so stupid, it is such a self-inflicted wound, it reminds us of all the worst parts of the entire Clinton era. But, I mean, at least her husband was always just molesting the interns and then lying about it under oath. With her, it’s always — it’s just something that is so stupid, I can’t imagine having been through everything she has been through, to do this again without thinking, ‘huh, I wonder if this will raise eyebrows.'”

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