SNL Mocks Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” made fun of Hillary Clinton’s overt presidential ambitions.

Hillary begins by stating, “I used a personal [e-mail], leading many to believe I was hiding scandalous or incriminating e-mails. And to those people I’d like to say ‘nice try.’ Those e-mails are clean as a whistle. This is not how Hillary Clinton goes down. I mean what did you think my e-mail said? ‘hi, it’s Hillary, I really screwed up on Benghazi today.’ Please. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

She continues, “I was born 67 years ago, and I have been planning on being president ever since. There will be no mistakes in my rise to the top” before issuing the caveat that this only holds if she decides to run.

Hillary even reads multiple e-mails she sent, one where a friend asks her if she wants to see a movie and she replies “I want to see myself as President of the United States of America.” In another, she writes “Dear Sir or Madam, Congratulations on your continued marital success. I would like to schedule a sitdown at your earliest convenience. Regards, the Office of Hillary Clinton” to Bill on their anniversary.

She also reveals “every day I watch ‘House of Cards’ from start to finish,” and shows a picture of herself on the beach “contemplating what her first 10,000 moves as president would be.”

Hillary also talks about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), telling her “I love you girl, we need more women like you, but it’s not your time, it’s my time. I have wanted to be president since before I was born. You think I’m joking? Here’s the proof” before showing a picture of an ultrasound holding up a “Hillary 2008” sign.

Hillary concludes, “I shall rise again from the ashes like a Phoenix, nay like a Hillary Clinton, and I will ascend to the high office of president and claim my rightful place in history. If I chose to run. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m so iffy on the whole thing.”

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