Netanyahu Declines to Say He Trusts Obama

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,”  when asked if he trusts President Barack Obama to make a good deal while negotiating with Iran over their nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it is not an issue of “personal trust,’ but a “matter of survival.

When host Bob Schieffer asked, “Do you trust the president to make the right decision on this?”

Netanyahu said, “I think this is not an issue, a personal issue, it’s not one of trust. It’s a matter of survival, really, the Deepest security issues for the state of Israel for the security of the Middle East, for the security of the world also for United States. We can have obviously different perspectives but I chose to bring out what I thought would be a better deal. I think the current proposals as I understand it enabled Iran to have vast nuclear infrastructure which means very short break out time to thew bomb.”

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