Alan Colmes: Hillary’s E-mails Not ‘A Real Scandal’

Talk radio host and Fox News Contributor Alan Colmes declared that the uproar over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails “isn’t a real scandal” on Monday’s “Happening Now.”

“This isn’t a real scandal. Look, I don’t think this was a well-sourced story. The Associated Press went with a headline, ‘homebrew,’ and everybody picked up on homebrew. There’s no evidence that the server itself was at Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua home” he stated.

Earlier, Colmes remarked, “I’m so disappointed by liberal media, come on, aren’t we supposed to be all gathering together singing ‘kumbaya’ about every potential Democratic candidate?”

Colmes also mocked suggestions that some in the press were attacking Clinton to pave the way for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run.

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