Earnest: Obama E-mailed Hillary’s Private E-mail

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that President Obama did e-mail Hillary Clinton at her private e-mail address during Monday’s press briefing.

Earnest clarified the president’s remarks over the weekend that he heard about the scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s e-mails in the news, “the president…did, over the course of his first several years in office, trade e-mails with the Secretary of State,” although this was not a “large” volume.

He continued, “the point that the president was making is not that he didn’t know Secretary Clinton’s e-mail address, he did. But, he was not aware of the details of how that e-mail address and that server had been set up, or how Secretary Clinton and her team were planning to comply with the Federal Records Act,” although he added that he assumed that the president recognized Clinton’s e-mail address and that the major issue is the compliance with the Federal Records Act.

Earnest also maintained that the president’s e-mails are “properly maintained, consistent with the Presidential Records Act,” and that this would also apply to any e-mails between Clinton and the president.

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