Gowdy: Hillary’s Lawyer Referred Us to State Dept for E-mails

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reported that when he wrote Hillary Clinton’s lawyer asking for her e-mails, he referred him back to the State Department on Monday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Gowdy said the State Department “missed every single opportunity over the past six months to tell us that, not only did she not have an official e-mail account, they didn’t even have her records. You would think that that would come up in all the conversations that we had with the State Department which is precisely why they are not the neutral third party arbiter I would recommend the Secretary turn her server over to so you can analyze it for forensics to see whether or not there’s been any hacking or tampering.”

He added, “in August we were seeing her personal e-mail, but no official e-mail. And, again, we were having private conversations before the State Department, in part because they told us they wanted a different kind of relationship. They didn’t want an adversarial relationship with our committee. So, throughout September and October ‘where are the rest of our e-mails? Where are the official e-mails?’ They made another production, I finally, and I don’t know that this has been made public, but I’ll tell you, I wrote her lawyer and said ‘I need e-mails from your client.’ He referred me back to the State Department. So, we learned the day before the New York Times article broke that she did not have any official e-mail account, and that the State Department had no idea whether or not we had all the records because they didn’t have all the records.”

Gowdy concluded, we were being told the whole time, Megyn, ‘we need more resources, we need more time. can you please prioritize what you really need.’ I mean, we even had to have a public hearing with Joel Rubin because we weren’t getting anywhere. So, the State Department had six months to have the conversation you and I are just having.”

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