Dem Rep Sherman: Hillary Too ‘Busy’ to Use Gov’t E-mail

Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) maintained that Hillary Clinton was likely too “busy” to use her State Department e-mail in an appearance on Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live” that took place before Clinton’s press conference.

“If a government employee uses the government account for a personal e-mail, that’s in clear violation. So, to say, ‘well, you’d better make sure, before you start typing that e-mail, is this personal, is this governmental?’ People are busy, and the idea that you’re damned if you use the government e-mail, you’re damned if you use the private e-mail is absurd. She’s in full compliance with all laws she’s turning over what’s needed for history” he stated.

Sherman continued, “compare that to Jeb Bush, where he releases only 10% of his e-mails, he’s subject to the same law.” He justified the claim that Bush was subject to the same law by claiming “the Florida law’s very similar to the law here in California.” He further compared Clinton to former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Host Thomas Roberts pointed out that Powell did not have a personal server and that Bush was not dealing with foreign policy issues, and asked “so, is it your estimation that cabinet-level members, someone as a Secretary of State, should have no oversight?”

Sherman responded, “well, obviously — oversight is one of the reasons we have Congressional hearings. As to Colin Powell not having a server, it might have been more secure, not that — obviously neither of them would used a private site for classified information, but maybe Colin Powell should have his own server, people hack into Yahoo and whatever all the time. But Colin Powell didn’t turn anything over to the State Department, Hillary Clinton’s turning over 55,000, and you can say ‘well Secretary of State’s more important or more sensitive than Governor of Florida, but the law is the law, the law is the same. One is turning over all of her e-mails, the other one’s turning over 10% of his e-mails.”

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