Rand: Hillary Thinks Some Laws Only Apply to ‘Lower People’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued that Hillary Clinton thinks “some of these laws apply to some lower people, but not to me, I’m Hillary Clinton” on Tuesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“I don’t think the Clintons should above the law. She said part of the reason why she didn’t obey the law was convenience, but I don’t think convenience should trump national security” he stated. Paul later added, “I think there’s a little bit of arrogance that some of these laws apply to some lower people, but not to me, I’m Hillary Clinton.”

Paul also said, “she wants us to believe, ‘well, I didn’t transmit classified documents,’ but I guarantee you that if you ask a Freedom of Information Act [request], and you want to know about Hillary Clinton’s or the Secretary of State’s conversations with the president, my guess is, you’ll get back a notice saying that it’s classified, as I would imagine a lot of their conversations were classified. But I don’t see how she can do this e-mail back and forth with the president, how can she e-mail from Libya, about worldwide events, and expect that those conversations, none of them were classified. So, I think we have to have an independent investigation.” And “can we trust Hillary Clinton to produce all of her e-mail when we couldn’t trust her to obey the law that she had to use a State Department e-mail? The only way we get to the truth is by an independent investigation…they’re stonewalling us time after time. they’d do anything to not reveal these e-mails. She was doing it in a secret fashion to keep them secret from the American public. I don’t think the American public should tolerate it.”

Paul also talked about the letter to Iran that he signed along with 46 other Republican Senators, saying “I’ve long been an advocate for really emphasizing the division of powers and the checks and balances. One of the checks we have on the president and foreign policy is we declare war, but we also approve treaties. We created most of the sanctions through legislation. I don’t even think it requires new legislation, but the letter was simply a statement, and I will support new legislation saying that we have to be the ones who repeal those actions, but the thing is that we’re restating the law, the Constitution says that we legislate. So, it gets back to this whole fight we’re having with the administration, does the president get to execute and legislate?”

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