Boxer: If You Don’t Believe Hillary ‘Don’t Vote for Her’

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) stated that “if you don’t believe her [Hillary Clinton] don’t vote for her” on Wednesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

Boxer reacted to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) expressing doubt over Clinton’s trustworthiness, saying “he said he doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton, someone he may be running against for the presidency, this is a shock. A lot of people don’t trust Rand Paul, what does it prove? The bottom line is, Rand Paul’s going to say what he did with his e-mails, either you trust him or not. Hillary Clinton is going to say what she did with hers. Let’s move on to what’s important to the people here. This is really — and I have to say with all due respect, I used to be a reporter many years ago, reporters love confrontation, we could talk about this forever. The bottom line is, I know you know this, no law was broken, she turned these over. She admitted that, looking back on it, she should have had two separate ways of writing her personal and her work e-mails. Let’s get on with it. And if you don’t believe her, don’t vote for her. That’s what I think, and if you believe her, then vote for her.”

Earlier, she reported “the State Department does not allow you to send any classified material…I’m the United States Senator, the most senior member on Foreign Relations. I go to classified briefings all the time. I am telling you, I never sent an e-mail regarding classified information. Who would do that? Nobody would do that.”

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