Dean on Hillary Email: ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Right-Wing Nut Job Stuff’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “NOW w/Alex Wagner,” former DNC chief Howard Dean said the Hillary Clinton “Email-gate,” as host Wagner dubbed it, is “much ado about nothing” and driven by “right-wing nut jobs.”

Wagner asked, “What did you think of Hillary Clinton’s appetite for drama, given her performance yesterday?”

Dean replied, “I thought she did a great job yesterday. This is much ado about nothing. Of course the AP is going to sue, they want access to everything. That’s their job in a democracy. I think this whole thing is nonsense. I really do, and I think — I have been through this. It is basically pack journalism. It’s an easy story, they often get it wrong. I think the American public are going to sympathize with somebody who doesn’t want Trey Gowdy rummaging through her daughter’s wedding plans. And I think Trey Gowdy is looking worse and worse by the moment. It is very clear this is just more Benghazi, more Republican right-wing nut job stuff and going after all these imaginary scandals. I think it’s ridiculous. And it would really be great to move onto some serious issues here.”

After Dean tried to blame the controversy on the press saying, “They ask you to a prove a negative. The press loves it because the press wants all the information they can get,” host Alex Wagner pushed back saying, “The press wants transparency.”

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