Gutfeld: Will Hillary Blame ‘Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy’?

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld wondered if Hillary would blame a “vast left-wing conspiracy” for her e-mail troubles on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

“If you think yesterday’s press conference helped hillary, then you think the iceberg helped the titanic” he stated.

Gutfeld continued, pointing out the contradiction between Bill and Hillary’s claims regarding how often and when Bill Clinton has sent emails, saying “so, Hillary must be lying, because clearly Bill did not have text with that woman.”

“Even the mainstream media thinks she’s on the hot seat…so how long before she blames that on a vast left-wing conspiracy? Thank God she still has Captain Crazy Hair [David Brock] to back her up…I’ll have what he’s smoking, and blow-drying” Gutfeld stated.

He added, “everyone’s trying to blame someone else, but deep down inside, it’s her. She ruined all the big plans. Her staff was measuring drapes, and Bill had already picked out the blondes. And now it’s all crumbling because no one had the guts to tell Madame Secretary what she can or can’t do. Weirder still, she still wants to be president, but not want to do the job. She likes the limelight, but not the labor. It makes me wonder, can anyone, including her, articulate her vision for the country? Is that why she clings so desperately to gender equality?”

Gutfeld concluded that Clinton’s prior speech on gender equality had, “all the nice buzz words. But it’s not a bold division for a divided country. To parrot something you heard from an actress, how lazy, how entitled. Americans need someone who can actually look ahead and know where we’re going. Instead, she sells division and secrecy, she’s the past, and boy, do we need to stop living in it.”

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