Olbermann on Letterman: Grateful ESPN Suspension Happened

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann appeared as a guest on CBS’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday and was asked by host David Letterman about his recent suspension from ESPN.

Olbermann told Letterman that he was actually grateful for his suspension because he was able to learn from it.

“I’m kind of grateful that this happened because it would have been a bigger problem, I think, at some point down the line. I got into a dispute with some folks on Twitter and it got personal because on Twitter you don’t think of anybody else as an actual human being, just somebody you have to bury or they’re going to bury you. And you subtract yourself from the human race and just start going after people, and you can do really stupid things, and I retweeted something that is about my charitable cause. Somebody sent me something. I assumed it was negative. I didn’t read it. It was a link to a website. I just went back at somebody and they weren’t even throwing punches.”

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