Van Jones: Hillary ‘Playing the Grandma Card’

CNN Political Commentator and former White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Van Jones said that Hillary Clinton is “playing the grandma card” on Wednesday’s “New Day” on CNN.

“Well, in some ways she’s playing what I would call the grandma card here. She’s not playing to the DC elite that’s trying to figure out, you know, all the rules around federal disclosure. she’s saying, ‘listen, guys, this stuff’s complicated. I was trying to make my own life work better.’ Does it pass muster for a lot of DC people? No, it doesn’t. But, I think for ordinary people, they say ‘you know what, actually, I got a bunch of devices. If I were Secretary of State, I’m running all around the world, I might want to have just one device.’ Now, it’s true that I know how to have, on my one device, lots of e-mail accounts and I manage them. But, she’s really — in some ways I think people are — people in the DC circuit are missing this. She’s playing the grandma card to the heartland. ‘Look, my motives were not negative. My motives were good. I wanted to do a good job. I wanted to have convenience for myself.’ That’s what she’s doing” he stated.

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