ESPN’s Whitlock on Racial Tension in US: We’re Headed to a Really Bad Place

On Thursday’s ESPN podcast of “Real Talk with Jason Whitlock,” host Jason Whitlock expounded more on an article he penned posted on in response to the racist Oklahoma fraternity video that surfaced earlier this week.

According to Whitlock, the nation, in part to the tragedies and videos like the Oklahoma fraternity video that surfaced, is headed to a really bad place.

“I’m becoming more and more cynical about where we’re headed. Everybody’s running off into their corner. And everybody’s running on to television to prove their superiority. It’s leaping off the television screen. It’s leaping off of the pages and the internet stories I’m reading. Superiority from both sides. ‘Let’s talk down to both sides and let’s pretend like we’ve never made a mistake.’ We’re headed to a really, really bad place.”

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