Editor: Gawker Suing Feds Over ‘Nixonian’ Plot to Frustrate FOIA Process

Friday on CSPAN, Gawker executive editor for investigative journalism John Cook said they are filing the papers for a lawsuit later today or Monday, against the State Department for their “Nixonian” “conspiracy at the highest levels of the State Department to frustrate” FOIA requests.

Cook explained that it was hard to accept.

“It could be that there is a conspiracy at the highest levels of the State Department to frustrate this process,” he said. “[I]t is just shocking to me to find out that there actually was, that dark impulse.  Are they really trying, was there really an effort to keep these things from reaching the public domain? And clearly, in the case of Hillary Clinton and her senior aides, there was.”

“So, we are filing, probably today, a lawsuit prepared by two attorneys we are working with in Washington DC. So, we have one active request with the State Department, which is for email correspondence between one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides and reporters at about 34 news organizations,” he explained.

Cook added, “We know there was a plot at the highest levels of the State Department to shield email communications from senior staffers. Remember, this is not just Hillary Clinton. One of her top aides also had a Clinton.com address.”

He concluded, “It certainly is very  Nixonian, this plot that was hatched to keep her governmental communications and her private communications out of the hands of government And, you know, it is about controlling of information, and one of the things I think is interesting is the idea that this was for convenience because she didn’t have, she didn’t want two devices, is just preposterous and insulting to the intelligence of the American people.”

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