Huffington: Hillary Was ‘So Pissed’ During Presser

Chair, President, and Editor-in-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group Arianna Huffington said that Hillary Clinton was “so pissed” during her press conference on her emails on Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO.

Maher said that he believes Republicans are “in the bubble again. That — in the bubble Hillary Clinton is this lawless monster who has only stayed out of jail by sheer luck, and yet the poll came out today that said she’s trouncing all 11 Republican people who they think might run for president.”

Huffington countered that “the problem is so much the emails. It’s the way that Hillary responds to the press. There is a sense that somehow the press is always out to get her and she cannot stand it. I mean, you could see it at the press conference. I mean, she was so pissed–”

Maher disagreed, arguing that Clinton was “taking her beating like a man” over “stupid, infantile bullsh*t.”

Huffington continued, stating that Hillary “looked as though she would rather be anywhere else…she really needs to realize that’s how the press is going to be. So, if she doesn’t want that, she shouldn’t be running.”

Maher then attacked the “sleazy” “whispering campaign” around Hillary.

The two did find some agreement, with Huffington arguing “there was the one good piece of news, which is that it pushed Benghazi down to the second flight of humanity.”

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