Maher: Cops Have ‘Second Layer of Blame’ for Ferguson Cop Shooting

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that while the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson was “the fault of the shooter” the police held “the second layer of blame” on Friday.

“OK, so there [were] two policemen who were shot in the protest, which I don’t think anyone thinks is a good thing, but I saw conservative commentators blame Eric Holder for this and the rhetoric he created. Can I just say, it’s the fault of the shooter, one. But if we’re going to look deeper than that, I noticed, I think it was the Police Chief in St. Louis who said these policemen were specifically targeted, it wasn’t random. Yeah, that’s was going on in the entire black community. It wasn’t random, they were being specifically targeted. So if we — again, no one is condoning this, we don’t want to shoot policeman, fault of the shooter, but underneath that, if we’re going to look for the second layer of blame, I’ve got to say it’s the cops themselves, look in the mirror, the courts in america, the justice system –” he stated.

Maher added that he believes the people who shot the police were “black people in the area who wanted to shoot a cop.”

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