Peter King: ‘Disgraceful’ Obama Consults ‘Racial Con Man’ Sharpton

Friday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said it is “absolutely disgraceful” that President Barack Obama meets with and consults with “racial con man” Al Sharpton.

King said, “It’s absolutely disgraceful that the president of the United States has any dealings with Al Sharpton. I’ve known Sharpton for a number of years. One on one, he can be personally engaging, but the fact is, his bias is out of control and he’s a demagogue. You can go back to cases in New York, I mean he has just been constantly fanning flames and I believe that, to me, he’s a con man. He gets away with everything. He owes what, over $3 million in taxes and yet, he’s invited to the White House and he’s sitting there. And as I say, Officer Wilson in Ferguson, the president has never apologized to him, no one has, for what’s happened to him and yet Sharpton is given a some sort of role as senior statesman and to me he’s a racial con man.”

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