Harris-Perry: Racist OU Chant Partially Caused By Eliminating Affirmative Action

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry said that the racist chant by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma University was “not a surprising outcome” to getting rid of affirmative action on Saturday.

“So, how easy is it to take — I don’t know how young these young people are, 19, 20, 21 years old and say, ‘oh there is American racism’ rather than to say that ‘when — when we got rid of affirmative action at the University of Michigan, black enrollment went down by 30%.’ So, if the state courts show up and reduce — say look, ‘you know, all of these people of color who are here aren’t qualified to be here, we don’t want them here.’ Well, sure students appear on a more homogeneous campus with mostly rich folks, with mostly people of the same racial category, and then racially bizarre things come out of their mouth. This is not a surprising outcome to these policies” Harris-Perry stated.

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