Krauthammer: Obama ‘Checked Out’ of Foreign Policy

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said President Obama has “checked out” of foreign policy on Friday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

“After a time, you run up against reality. You can’t deny reality. He tries to pretend, and he said this. His staff, his people are saying, this you know, we’ve got the upper hand in the war on terror. The war is receding. We’re in an era where we’re better off. Everyone knows that’s not true. So, I think it makes it worse. This is a guy whose entire career, his rise, his success as a candidate was to inspire with rhetoric and to promise, and then as there’s a disconnect between his rhetoric and reality, I think it works against him. He’s out to lunch. People have this sense, he either doesn’t understand or he’s in denial. Neither of which is very good” Krauthammer stated.

Krauthammer added, “I think he’s given up on advancing US interests abroad or he has a conception of it which is extremely odd. But he’s still in the retreat and withdrawal mode that he came into office with. He is determined to do stuff on domestic issues, you know, to get control, to regulate the Internet, to promulgate on immigration, amnesty which is obviously illegal, he said so at least a dozen times. He wants to regulate. He wants to do stuff on climate change, which he can do unilaterally. He will overstep his authority. He’s got an agenda, but it’s domestic agenda, it’s a liberal, it’s a left wing agenda, and that’s his legacy, but what happens abroad, I think he’s checked out.”

Earlier, Krauthammer said “generally in our elections. what happens overseas is relatively unimportant…but this could be, and I think it will be an election with the most emphasis on what’s happening abroad in foreign affairs. In at least a decade, and perhaps only the second of the third in 30 years where it was a major issue…whichever Republican can seize upon that, I think is going to have a real advantage.”

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