Pirro: ‘We Need a Woman President,’ But Not Hillary

On Saturday, Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Jeanine Pirro,” said that “we need a woman president,” but not Hillary Clinton.

“As much as I want a woman president, the latest news of deleting e-mails and keeping communications with her highest level staff outside of government servers, ignoring it until it became clear it wasn’t going away, tells me that Hillary Clinton is not about transparency, and is not about integrity, that she does whatever she wants regardless of the rules. And nobody knows scandal or loopholes better than this woman, who has danced with special prosecutors, federal investigators, and subpoenas for most of her professional clear. It’s simply part of her history” she stated.

Pirro continued, “this e-mail investigation is almost irrelevant. Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she’s doing. What matters to her is making history by becoming the first woman president. The rules simply don’t apply to her. She is so brazen that she arrogantly walks to the podium as if to say, ‘children, let me school you, and don’t question me.’ There’s no apology, no acknowledgement, no reservation. It’s a simple ‘you’re not going to see the server, I’m not going to tell you who decided what was and was not personal, and I never e-mailed any classified information, just trust me.'”

She concluded “will Hillary Clinton continue to evade and two-step the hard issues? Look, we can’t have a president who lacks transparency and integrity, or a president where scandals are just a part of the daily briefings. Look. I want a woman president. It is time for a woman president. Hell, we haven’t done so great with some of the men we put in there. But we need a woman who’s honest. transparent. in the mold of a Margaret Thatcher or a Golda Meir. Yes, we need a woman president, but not this woman.”

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