Levin: Were Incorrect Climate Theories Typos Like The Ones In Obamacare?

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin discussed the switch in terminology from global cooling to global warming, and then to climate change on Monday.

Levin pointed out the theories of global cooling before global warming theories became popular and sarcastically dismissed references to global warming as “a typo, just like Obamacare, we didn’t mean federal, — forget it, that’s two words. So, the whole world changes with these people, and ‘wait a minute, we didn’t mean that, oops, we meant the other.'”

Levin then stated “climate change, let’s just change the language, and let’s just call them ‘deniers,’ See that? It’s all done, it’s that simple.”

Levin concluded by remarking “you and I, we invested in that, it’s called Solyndra” in response to Al Gore’s argument that companies were moving towards green tech.

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