ESPN’s Colin Cowherd: Culture War on Pot, Gay Marriage is Over

On ESPNU’s “You Herd Me with Colin Cowherd” on Wednesday, host Colin Cowherd reacted to the recent report of former Denver Broncos and New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow working out for the Philadelphia Eagles and then compared his future as a quarterback in the NFL to that of the culture war on the legalization of pot and gay marriage.

According to Cowherd, the war on the legalization of pot and gay marriage is over.

“It’s sorta like people who are against gay marriage, you lost. The culture war is over. You lost. Just deal with it. It’s happening fast, furious. Legalization of pot, you lost. Just deal with it. Move to Alabama, you’ll be the last one to legalize it. Congrats. You lost. The Tebow is a — you lost the argument. He is not a franchise.”

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