Krauthammer: US Either Stabbing Israel in the Back or Distracting It

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the White House was either “trying to stab Israel in the back” or engaging in “a cynical attempt to distract” from a bad deal with Iran on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“They are either trying to stab Israel in the back by supporting a UN resolution that will call for withdrawal — unilateral withdraw of Israel without peace, without recognition, without a renunciation of terror and will simply leave Israel helpless, against 50 years of American policy and against the existing UN resolution which is from 1967, the famous Resolution 242 which says that Israel will withdraw to secure and recognized boundaries, and these are insecure boundaries. So this would be — either it’s a revolution in our policy, we’re going to force the unilateral withdrawal which could be fatal for Israel, or it’s a cynical attempt to distract, create a second issue of crisis with Israel because we are about to hear an announcement about a catastrophic deal with Iran over nukes, and that would be a way of distracting Israeli and pro-Israel attention from the nuclear issue” he stated.

Krauthammer also reacted to President Obama’s statement to Iran, saying “if only he would address as warmly the Israelis as he does the Iranians and their leaders. This is quite remarkable…to include this kind of swipe at Israel, in addressing the ayatollahs is really rather new and quite startling.”

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