Maher: Iran Is ‘Our Ally’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher wondered “when are we going to admit that our ally is Iran?” On Friday.

“Let me ask you this, especially our Republican friends. I don’t know if you noticed, but the Iraqi military in the last couple of weeks has been trying to take back the city of Tikrit in Iraq. And when I say the Iraqi military, I mean the Iranians. It’s the Iranians, we are so dead set that we have to wipe out ISIS, but we can’t seem to find anybody to actually do that with boots on the ground, except Iran. When are we going to admit that our ally is Iran, or would that mess up the simple thought ‘Iran bad?'” He stated.

Maher added, that while it was a “given” that Israel would be America’s number one ally in the region, “when Nixon was president, and the Shah was there, that was the place we trusted, it was a little more sensible, realpolitik. Tom Friedman wrote a column this week, and he said why aren’t we actually the allies of ISIS, instead of bombing them? He pointed out that Iran, the ultimate evil, apparently, we now have basically put them in charge of four capitals in the Arab world, Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad, and the capital of Yemen. So, Dick Cheney’s decision to invade Iraq looks real good right now, doesn’t it? I’m just saying, if Iran is so awful why are we always doing their dirty work? Why are we always helping them? We toppled the Taliban, we toppled Saddam Hussein, now we’re going after ISIS.”

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