Levin: ‘America Is the New France’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin declared “America is the new France under this president” on Friday.

“I think our foreign policy now is really France’s foreign policy, I think America is the new France under this president” Levin declared.

Levin pointed to an article in the Wall Street Journal that says “France is again adopting the toughest line against Iran in negotiations aimed at curbing Tehran’s nuclear program, potentially placing Paris at odds with the Obama administration as a diplomatic deadline to forge an agreement approaches at month-end.”

Levin concluded “this is absolutely frightening…Netanyahu’s instincts are correct, the Israeli people’s instincts are correct, the American people’s instincts are correct, Congress’ instincts are correct, the Egyptian, Jordanian, Bahranian, Saudi, all the rest of them, they’re instincts are correct too.”

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